Working with Affiliate Managers

One of the major theme’s you will find in the work ethic of successful affiliate managers is the ability for them to work one-on-one with a wide variety of people and personalities. Affiliate management, like most management, is less about finding the perfect people and more about connecting with people, building a relationship and finding common ground which will ride through difficult issues. Affiliates can be from any walk of life as many affiliates have started out on the internet building sites outside of their standard working lives and then progressed onto becoming full-time affiliates due to their successes.

Affiliate managers cannot always affect the surrounding business (e.g. customer support) but they will usually have a direct line of feedback to their fellow managers regarding what the market (you the affiliate) is telling them about their product or system. Feedback should always be taken as constructive criticism. If it is not you should question the affiliate program and manager you are working with and how they will treat you if further problems should arise.

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