Will Google Wave change anything?

I watched theĀ Google Wave presentation recently and aside from getting a few laughs from the speakers crashing the sandbox version of the new open source Google Wave project it really does look like it has the potential to change online messaging or more specifcally change the online collaborative documentation offering.

The discussion elements available as part of collaboration on a specific document (including stunning multiple editing features) seems to set it apart from others in a way the industry hasn’t really gone down yet.

Will it revolutionise the messaging (email / IM) industry?

Who knows, there are too many factors to inlcude in that call at this point.

Will it take over the existing online document collaboration elements available?

I would think so.

The real question at this point is how much weight are Google going to put behind it? If they go hammer and tong force feeding people out of Gmail and into Wave then there’s going to be a lot riding on it.

Watch the presentation yourself and comment on what you believe it will change…

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