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Ok, it’s been a long time coming (more than a few months since the last post) and apologies to the community and readers for the┬áhiatus but as you may see from some design changes of late, we’re going through a big update to get things back on track.

A big part of the problem was that AffiliatePrograms.co.nz was running on a very old and unstable version of WordPress which needed a lot of background work to get it back online.┬áThat background work has now happened and while there’s a bit of work to do to bring back our lovely green branding, we’re now happily running on the swish latest stable of WordPress 3.0.1.

The Affiliate Forum still needs a bit of work as it’s stuck in the dark ages of phpBB but we can report that the spam which was turning up on there is no longer going to happen!

Last but by no means least, the New Zealand Affiliate Programs List is being updated over the month of August to check that the programs are still live. If you’re reading that list you’ll find a point half-way down where it shows that the affiliate programs above that line have been checked to be live and current.

Again, thanks for your patience if you’re a reader from some time ago and if you’re new to affiliate marketing in New Zealand have a look around the older posts via the category pages and you’ll find lots of interesting discussion about local affiliate programs.

If you have any feedback about what programs are no longer live on the list mentioned above, just add them to the comments below this post and they’ll be updated in August.

Good luck with your promotions!

Gary, AffiliatePrograms.co.nz

3 thoughts on “Update on AffiliatePrograms.co.nz

  1. Look as a newbie I would like to add my 2 bobs worth here. There are some valuable archive posts to mention as well. The site is ranked #1 in NZ Google so the SEO is well optimized. I believe here is a worthwhile opportunity to develop this more as your only competitor is clixGalore. I really like the simplicity of your site so all I can offer are words of encouragement. Lets Do It

  2. Thanks for your support.

    Its been on my list for some time to get this website and forums back up to scratch but it always seems to drop behind my other projects for the moment.

    It will happen so keep your eye out here over time.

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