Super Affiliates

Affiliate programs are often broken into “super affiliates” and “affiliates”. The term super affiliate is meant to denote an affiliate who has significantly larger traffic than most other affiliates. Affiliate marketing traffic is similar to many industries with the age old 80/20 rule where 20 percent of the people bring 80 percent of revenue. The key here is to make sure the affiliate mangement team work with both super affiliates and affiliate in a positive way. Usually there are separate deals for super affiliates, often in a tiered structure, where the super affiliate who can bring in more revenue will also receive a higher percentage of that revenue. As long as the levels are not too wieghted towards the larger affiliates this can be a fair system for all involved and allows for a progression as sites grow. An affiliate program should still respect all levels of affiliates as it is through these initial relationships that smaller affiliates can be helped to grow.

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