Restaurant Hub affiliate program

The dining out scene in New Zealand continues to explode with a diverse selection of incredible restaurants to choose from. Still, getting a table at the best restaurants in Auckland, Wellington or any other New Zealand city or town is not always easy, especially at peak times. This is perhaps why Restaurant Hub continues to grow in popularity.

Restaurant Hub is New Zealand’s biggest online booking engine for all the best and hard-to-get-a-table-at restaurants. Its a super convenient platform with booking times, menus, various media reviews and virtually anything the prospective diner might need before booking for a night out.

Restaurant Hub is also home to exclusive offers and deals at New Zealand restaurants ranging from early bird 50% off deals, through to special menu prices and deals loaded to the platform from the restaurants themselves. For any affiliate, publisher or blogger that covers dining and going out, the Restaurant Hub affiliate program gives you tracked links to make booking seamless for your audience, while you generating a revenue per patron.

Restaurant Hub affiliate program

CategoryFood & Drink, Dining
LaunchedSeptember 2019
NetworkLinkshop | Apply here
RestrictionsOpen to approved affiliates
CommissionFixed amount per patron

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