Question and Response on the NZ vs US affiliate market

I received an interesting (if broad) question today by email and thought it was worth putting the details up;



Found your great site and got your contact details. I’m new to the affiliate mktg game but motivated and keen to get moving. However being based in NZ was hoping to start in the NZ marketplace but it does not look like its happening in terms of merchant availability and motivation to use affiliates. I’ll think i’ll start in the US market? Am i thinking straight? Any advice appreciated.

Cheers…[name removed]

Hi [name removed],

Good question, although it’s a pretty big one 🙂

Do you ignore the NZ market given its current lack of affiliate programs and target the US market which has more than one program for everything you can sell or do online or do you stick with the NZ market because it’s what you know best and deal with the restrictions?

Sadly it’s not something I can answer properly as it depends on what you are interested in promoting and how you want to promote it.

Affiliate marketers worldwide tend to work on more than one site at a time. Perhaps the answer is to work on both?

Having exposure to different markets can be a very positive thing as if there is a down-turn in one it does not necessarily mean the other is also heading down.

The key for the NZ market is to make sure you think long and hard about what you’re planning on marketing and make sure there are already promotional options available. There’s no excuse for building a website and then saying “there’s no-one to pay me for it”, your research before you built the website should have included how you are going to fund the revenue from it.

The obvious default answer in New Zealand is to use Google Adsense however this will not always give you the best value for your traffic.

In the US market, the same thing applies. Make sure there is not too much competition in the market you are looking to enter, or that you have a strong enough offer and/or content to beat out the competition. As long as you’ve already seen advertising avenues for whatever it is you’re promoting, then go for it!



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