New Zealand vs Australia

A common theme among affiliate information and programs currently available is the joining of any New Zealand affiliate programs or information with Australian programs. This leads in many cases to the New Zealand programs staying in the background or generally applying all of the ideas behind the needs for Australian programs as completely applicable in […]

Affiliate Program – Google Adsense, New Zealand

Most affiliates will already be aware of Google Adsense where a webmaster can setup advertising of keywords selected and bid for by advertisers attached to that network. In New Zealand this is probably one of the best forms of advertising available for your site as you can target the adverts directly to New Zealand based […]

New Zealand Affiliate Beginnings

New Zealand doesn’t have much in the way of affiliate programs yet but that is likely to change as the de-regulation of the broadband market starts (also known as un-bundling). Affiliate marketing does take place in New Zealand but many of the affiliates out there are only involved in selling products and services for international […]