New Zealand SME Expo ..

I was at the Auckland small business expo for the day yesterday and have to say I was impressed with the level of online presence in the expo.

Many exhibits (there were 500+ I believe) were pushing their website as the main point of contact for the company. It makes sense to do this however I wasn’t sure how prevalent it would be in the New Zealand SME market before I arrived.

There were a lot of web development firms who were pushing their abilities to design, develop, promote and do anything else you can think of with an SME’s online presence however I was surprised that not a single one was promoting the use of affiliate programs for SME’s to bring in traffic to their site.

apnfinda had a heavy showing at the show however this was probably the only company there who were interested in online advertising and promotion. Every other online company (and there were a lot) were only interested in the development dollar and on discussions with most of them the all said “Oh yeah, we throw in some Google Adsense for the website as well but marketing is really up to the site”.

What a waste!

All these SME’s wanting to promote their websites, all these web development companies and only one online advertising company?

The Director of apnfind in his local search seminar was onto it, discussing the confounding problem that NZ business only spends 2.5% of its marketing budgets on online advertising where Australia is on 8.9% and the UK on 18%. This was especially shown to be lacking by the actual percentages of media consumption in New Zealand where online sites take roughly 40% of the media time of consumers.

Very insightful.

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