New Zealand Online Research for Affiliates

One of the difficult things when working in the New Zealand online market is finding just the right place to research the habits of New Zealanders on the web.

Many of the tools which you might use for a global campaign are not as relevant to the New Zealand web. A good example here is Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool. This is an excellent online research tool for your affiliate marketing keywords on a particular topic when you’re interested in promoting in the US affiliate market however it is reasonably limited from a New Zealand specific market perspective.

So, you need to have a good look around and find some research tools as well as something like the Google keyword suggestions which will give you a better perspective on the local New Zealand angle.

One excellent local option here is the Hitwise New Zealand Data Center which has monthly reports like the Top 20 NZ Websites (here), the Top 4 Fast Moving Websites in NZ (here) and of course the most useful Top 10 Industry Keywords in NZ (here).

Keeping an eye on what’s going on from this sort of freely available New Zealand online research data is going to give you a good chance to make sure your research is as targeted to the New Zealand demographic as possible.

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