New Zealand and Australian Ad-Tech, Sydney

Looks like I’ll be heading off to Ad-Tech in Sydney on the 7th & 8th of February. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an Australian Marketing conference and most of the top New Zealand companies and executives working online will be there so it should be a good catch-up in the local market. When you’re working online in affiliate marketing it is very easy to become wholly focused on offshore markets as they have significantly larger potential (read that as population) than New Zealand and Australia. Even so, there needs to be more focus on the local New Zealand affiliate market so I’ll be making sure I can find any insights relating to what’s coming up in 2007 for our local sites.

I just read on the Ad-Tech site that Jon Ostler from First Rate (New Zealand’s leading corporate search marketing operation) has sold to an Australian listed company. Jon impressed me after a few discussions we had at the first Search Engine Strategies conference in Sydney. This was around 2002, when Google had only just opened it’s Australian offices and search was only really coming into mainstream corporate focus in New Zealand. It’ll be interesting to see how First Rate deals with the takeover from an Australian company and opening offices in Sydney. Hopefully not too much of the local New Zealand focus will be lost.

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