New Zealand Affiliate Programs Forum launches has been live and kicking for well over a year now and I’ve had enough feedback and questions that it’s time to setup the New Zealand Affiliate Programs Forum where people can ask questions and discuss their own experiences about affiliate programs and other internet marketing thoughts with a true New Zealand focus.

The forums have been a while coming and I’m sure it’ll take time for them to build a solid resource of affiliate questions, answers and insights but there has been enough positive feedback about the blog that I believe it will be well used.

New Zealand has been behind the rest of the world when it comes to online marketing and online advertising so it’s marketing forums like these that are going to bring us into play with the rest of the world.

You’ll find forum discussion topics relating specifically to NZ affiliate programs and marketing as well as International affiliate programs that ship to NZ, general internet discussions and there will of course be a place where you can promote your affiliate program to your hearts content.

I’ll be available on the forum to answer your questions as well as to discuss the issues that we currently face in the NZ online affiliate market. Even if you haven’t been involved in an affiliate marketing forum like this one before, you’ll find it a useful tool to learn from others who have already made their mistakes and are willing to share their knowledge.

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