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MightApe (formerly GPstore) run an affiliate program that offers a flat 5% on sale, the ability to purchase from their store directly with the affiliate revenue or transfer the cash into your account without any minimum withdrawal.

Retail affiliate schemes can be difficult at the best of times as there are not a lot of margins available in the products that are sold.

That said, if a retail scheme has high conversion %’s as well as good retention of the customers with a strong customer service focus then that 5% can become valuable when referring a quality purchaser.

What I’m interested in hearing is if anyone has actually used the MightApe affiliate program for New Zealand or not?

I haven’t seen their products being promoted around online in NZ and it’s a pretty small market so I’m assuming their affiliate program is more of a “must have” for their loyal customers as opposed to something that they’re actively promoting to affiliates and looking to use as a strong part of their marketing arsenal.

Here’s an excerpt on their main offer:

How it works

The Mighty Ape Referral Programme entitles you to earn 5% commission on sales that you refer to Mighty Ape via your web site or blog.

Mighty Ape provides you with a unique referral ID to append to links on your web site that point to Mighty Ape.

If a customer visits Mighty Ape by clicking a link that contains your referral ID and places an order, you will receive a 5% commission on the value of the order.

Quoted from the MightApe How it works page.

The key here is “5% commission on the value of the order”.

Does this mean that you’ll only receive 5% on a single order the first time the customer purchases and nothing following that? It isn’t clear if that’s the case so I’ll need to look into it further.

If it is 5% on the first order and no affiliate revenue following that then it’d be a hard ask for an affiliate to promote the service as there’s no hope of recurring revenue for even a limited time. There’s very little chance at 5% on a single order that the affiliate would be able to convert enough customers and sales to create a viable revenue stream for the amount of effort and outlay in traffic generation.

This is of course all a bit of speculation at the moment so I’ll have to see what I can find out about the program before commenting on the actual value to affiliates.

Let me know if you’ve used them in the comments and/or if you’re happy with the service, conversion and setup in general.


Ok, so it’s now confirmed that the 5% on sale is only for the specific item that you linked to and not for the lifetime (or even limited time) for that customer.

Here’s what the MightyApe customer service team said:

If you place a link of one of our products on your site / blog and a customer clicks that link and buys that product you will get 5% commission of that sale.

You will get the 5% commission per each sale that has been referred to us by you.

Unfortunately the commission does not apply if a customer places orders after the referral one.

I’m not clear on how long the cookie will last however with only receiving the 5% from a single sale then it seems like it would be particularly hard for an affiliate to gain enough revenue out of the program to be worth the traffic.

In a scenario like this MightyApe is gaining a purchasing customer who will have a known lifetime value (at least on average) so the 5% which could be a very low number is a massively low % of what the final lifetime value will be.

I’m not suggesting that it should be 5% for the lifetime of the customer as I do believe that would most likely be too much for an online retailer to cut from their margins however I do think this one-off 5% doesn’t represent the value to the affiliate of the acquired customer.

I wonder if they’d be open to CPA deals for known affiliates?

5 thoughts on “MightyApe Affiliate Program

  1. I’d applied for their affiliate programme twice over the last 2 years and been completely ignored. I send them about 200 clicks for free so I guess they think that they shouldn’t have to pay for what I give them free.

    1. That’s frustrating Sheldon, they should be responding a lot better than that.

      There’s quite a vicious cycle within affiliate programs in NZ at the moment where often the people running the affiliate program don’t take affiliates seriously so it’s not worth an affiliate’s time promoting them. And so it goes around and around.

      There are a few who are trying hard to change the habit, e.g. 1cover.co.nz who are sponsoring affiliateprograms.co.nz and aiming to get more involved.

      If you’re not using them you should give it a shot, it’d be great to hear your opinion.

  2. I’m a Mighty Ape affiliate and was suspicious about whether they used cookies or not to reward beyond the initial sale – I’ve asked before but got no answer. Now that I know I’ll favor some of my other affiliates.

  3. that is completely un reasonable of mighty ape, look at amazon, once you refer a customer to them, it doesnt even matter if they buy the product you refered them to or not, but if they buy anything else , like a plasma tv and a sack load of party items, you still get the commission!

    thats the way it should be,

    much more ethical for the affiliate who has done the hard work to promote it in the first place!

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