JUNO KiwiSaver affiliate program

KiwiSaver was launched in New Zealand in 2006 to help fund retirement for our ageing population. It has been a huge success and with funds under management set to exceed NZ$50 billion this year, the average balance for Kiwi savers is growing to the point that Kiwis now care more than ever about who is managing their KiwiSaver.

What this means is that New Zealanders are becoming more open to switching KiwiSaver providers, when it makes sense to do so. Some people switch KiwiSaver to chase better returns, or in search of lower fees, or both. This is where JUNO KiwiSaver is well positioned to quickly grow market share as their pitch to New Zealand investors is both.

JUNO Magazine’s eponymous KiwiSaver scheme was launched just over a year ago as a clever extension of the popular financial education magazine brand. However once you dig a little deeper on this investment manager its clear that there is a lot more to JUNO than meets the eye.

The JUNO KiwiSaver scheme is somewhat of an oxymoron. On the one hand it is owned and operated by the very successful investment management team at Pie Funds, a high-calibre investment manager usually reserved for high net worth individuals. On the other hand however it is the lowest cost provider in the market.

On the latter point, they are the first KiwiSaver provider to do away with the high fees charged solely as a percentage of funds under management. They also charge zero fees for balances under $5,000 and under 18s. With Kiwis waking up to the fact that fees eat into their retirement savings, the JUNO proposition to for savvy savers is already gaining attention.

Other key points of difference with the JUNO KiwiSaver scheme are the young and diverse team behind it. In an industry of, you know, old white guys in ties, it’s refreshing to see an investment product led by a younger female team. The brand also receives significant above the line support in the market, so it’s definitely a good program to consider promoting.

Audiences that may be a good fit

  • People that are looking to save money
  • Parents with school age or young kids
  • People that want to understand their investments

JUNO KiwiSaver are also the exclusive KiwiSaver provider for school, club, church and charity fundraising platform Rewardhub.

JUNO KiwiSaver affiliate program

CategoryInvestment, Finance, Money
LaunchedOctober 2019
NetworkLinkshop | Apply here
RestrictionsAdvertiser must approve
CommissionGenerous fixed rate per sign up

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