IQ Toys Affiliate Program Review

I asked someone independent to have a look over the IQ Toys affiliate program for New Zealand to assess the details and their opinion of it. They came through with something that was a little bit much like a piece of marketing for the program (next time I’ll need to be more clear about being objective) but I thought it was worth posting the details here anyway:

IQToys Affiliate Program

New Zealand’s largest online toy business is IQToys Company. In providing website owners with an incentive to affiliate with them IQToys wanted to be different. They were searching for an easy, efficient way for website owners, companies, and organizations to link IQToys to their own sites and through that affiliation, receive rewards. The toy company management investigated several affiliate programs and finally decided on making things simpler by designing an affiliate program of their own.

Within the IQ Toys affiliate program individuals, companies or organization which wish to become affiliates of the large New Zealand toy manufacturer can find banners, logos, text and videos which are pre-designed for instant use. Individuals, businesses or organizations can simply point and click. Their affiliation seems to be working as applications are pouring in. The toy company is expecting that individuals, parents, parenting and school fundraiser groups will be especially interested.

IQ Toys is a member of the Left Brain Group of e-stores. Located in Mount Naunganui, New Zealand, it is a retail specialist in kids’ games, and educational toys for babies. Besides iQ Toys, the Left Brain Group also owns Baby Universe, I Want That and Gumboot.

IQ Toys was not always the largest toy company in New Zealand. It began as a home business for Suzette and Shane Loomb fifteen years ago. It became one of New Zealand’s first online retail businesses and its first online toy store. IQ Toys has won several awards for excellence in kids’ toys and for its online marketing. In 2000, the toy company won The Netguide Magazine’s award for Best Online Shopping Site (2000). In 2007, IQ Toys was awarded the Deloitte Fast 50 Award for being one of New Zealand’s fifty fastest growing e-businesses. In 2008, it was won the Hitwise Award for being New Zealand’s number one on-line marketer of toys and hobby supplies.

Throughout their rapid climb, IQ Toys has never lost it excitement and passion for bringing its e-customers the finest in toys, games, books, and baby educational materials. Having raised two boys the Loombs remember the excitement and enthusiasm their kids had for favorite toys. They also became specialists in baby gear like car seats, carriages and nursing accessories when their kids were born and added that line to their growing baby care inventory.

Their burgeoning company started with a husband-wife team and has now grown to twelve staff at their New Zealand site and two more at a satellite store in Australia.
What makes customers and staff loyal to IQ Toys is the Loomb’s tendency to treat everyone as a family member.

Here’s how their affiliate program works: By registering at I Q Toys’ online site, you can link your website to their affiliate program. Through this link you can earn commissions of up to ten percent on sales “clicked through” your website. There is no cost to join and signing up and getting linked is easy. You can choose what banners, logos and/or print materials you use from their affiliate site. In less than two days, you can be earning from your enhanced website. Commissions are paid quarterly by check or direct deposit to your bank account. For all sales up to $500, you will earn 7 ½%. For sales between $500 and $1000 you will be paid 8%. Sales over$2500 earn 10% commission for you.

Because IQ Toys have a reputation for being safe, entertaining, educational and durable, the stock sells itself. Many first-time customers become regular shoppers at I Q Toys. It is little wonder that Affiliate Program Review awards I Q Toys Company of New Zealand high points for the excellence of its stock! The affiliate program especially designed by I Q Toys Company is also highly lauded as an outstanding addition to affiliate marketing.

If you have any feedback of your own about the IQ Toys Affiliate Program ( then we’d love to hear it, add it to the comments below!

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