HYPERmedia program

I’ve recently had another affiliate program sent through for a New Zealand web development company who specialise in SME’s.

hyperaffiliate.co.nz appears to be a good offer with three separate steps in comission payments from $200 (NZD) through to $400 (NZD) per referral depending on the sales level.

The site is reasonably obscure about which sales level you would fit into with the first level being described as;

Occasional orders, mainly part time. (e.g one off friend referals)

and the second sales level as;

Steady stream of orders, mainly network referals (e.g through a job)

As an affiliate, coming across this level of ambiguity in the commission structure should make you question exactly who makes the decision on where one level stops and the other starts.

The program does appear to be a good offer so it’s the type of situation where you’d be best to sort out how many clients you are going to need to send through before you jump up to the next level. That way there are no chances of sending clients with the mistaken belief on which level of commission you’re on.

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