Fundraising ideas for schools

In 2019, with rapid growth in online retail, anyone serious about school, club, charity or church fundraising needs to think about ways to get a slice of the action online. For too long these organisations have had to rely on high effort, low return fundraising initiatives like selling chocolate bars. Thankfully innovative new platforms like Rewardhub have emerged to make it easy for any good cause to raise funds via online retailers.

Affiliate marketing fundraising

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for these good causes to raise money via online transactions. While it may sound complicated for those not familiar with affiliate marketing, the reality is it is very simple. Simply put, an Affiliate can be anyone with an online community, like a website, email database or social media page. Affiliates sign up to affiliate networks to access tracked links which they promote to their users. When users click on an Affiliate’s link and go through to an advertiser website to make a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

For example an affiliate might post a tracked link on their a Facebook page saying “Hi everyone, go buy a Christmas Tree here and we earn a 15% commission to raise funds, while you also get a $10 discount!”. In this example the affiliate program may have also included an exclusive discount for you to offer your audience as an incentive to click. When someone clicks through and buys a tree you earn 15% of the sale value.

Rewardhub fundraising platform

So, you’re starting to get the idea around how affiliate marketing can work for fundraising right? If you think about all the different things people are already buying online, these are all opportunities to raise more funds. However it can become quite a job signing up to lots of different affiliate programs, so thankfully there is a much easier way. Enter Rewardhub.

Rewardhub is a platform that was designed specifically for fundraising in New Zealand, and it really levels the playing field as it can be used by any not for profit organisation regardless of size, resource or capability. It is free to use and already has more than 60 brands signed up, so you do not need to join lots of affiliate programs, you just add your Good Cause Page and its ready to go with tracked links for you.

It takes two minutes to sign up to the platform, you just add some basic information, a hero image and a sentence to describe your good cause. Once that’s set up your Good Cause Page on Rewardhub is just like an online shopping mall but one where you earn a commission from all the transactions that originate from links on your page. Your job is simply to tell your supporters and community to go there and shop.

Rewardhub fundraising ideas

At the time of writing there were 60+ offers on the platform. Below are just a selection. For more jump onto Rewardhub and explore brands:

Money and utilities fundraising ideas

Energyclubnz fundraising
This low cost power provider donates $50 for new sign ups
JUNO KiwiSaver fundraising
Perfect schools as they’re free for under 18’s and donate $50 for sign ups
Slingshot fundraising
Your supporters get exclusive discount and you raise $50 per sign up
TSB Bank fundraising
Your supporters get exclusive discount and you raise $50 per sign up

Media and entertainment fundraising ideas

Magazine fundraising
You earn 10% for all magazine subscriptions through MAGSHOP
Mighty Ape fundraising
Earn donations of 4% for books, games and more entertainment sales
Ticket Master fundraising
Raise funds every time one of your supporters books tickets to an event
Book Depository
Free shipping on 20 million titles, perfect for schools and pays 3.5%

Fashion fundraising ideas

City Chic fundraising
Promote this plus size fashion brand and earn 3.5% of all sales
Jeans West fundraising
Popular in shopping malls across NZ. Promote online to raise 4% of sales
Lorna Jane fundraising
Growing Activewear brand with a conscience. Donates 4% of sales
Rodd & Gunn fundraising
Quality New Zealand menswear donates a generous 6.5% of sales
The Iconic fundraising
Kiwi’s go to for premium fashion online. Rewards 3.5% of spend
Cue fundraising
Classic, elegant fashion brand donates 5% of online sales
Converse fundraising
Iconic sneaker brand. Earn 4% donations from online shopping
Cotton On fundraising
Popular kids wear and casual clothes for grown ups. Earn 4% donations
Supre fundraising
A cult favourite for young New Zealand women. Rewards 4% of spend

Food and drink fundraising ideas

Hello Fresh fundraising
Earn a generous $12 donation, while you supporters save 30%
Restaurant Hub fundraising
Earn when ever your supporters click through to book a restaurant
FED fundraising
Healthy ready made meals to your door, earn $9 on all orders

Health and Beauty fundraising

Strawberrynet fundraising
The world’s leading discount beauty store. Free shipping, earn 5%
Healthpost fundraising
Supporters can shop more than 5000 natural beauty products. Earn 4%
Clearly fundraising
Big brands low prices on all contact lenses and sunglasses. Earn 4%
Linden Leaves fundraising
New Zealand beauty and wellbeing. Perfect gifts and earn 5% donations

Home and Living fundraising

Citta Design Fundraising
Nationwide furniture retailer pays generous 8% of sales
Misa Christmas Trees fundraising
Selling Christmas trees is a great way to raise and earn 15% of sales
Paper planes fundraising
Cute homewares and great fundraising. Earns 5% of spend
Amazon fundraising
Yes you can raise funds on Rewardhub with the world’s biggest retailer
Everyday Needs fundraising
Tasteful homeware edits that earn you donations of 5%

Business and School fundraising

Microsoft fundraising
Earn donations for free on everyday software and hardware
Dell fundraising
Buy laptops direct from Dell online to raise generous commissions
Kikki K fundraising
Nice designer stationary ships NZ wide and pays 4.5% donations
Grammarly fundraising
A platform to detect plagiarism and fix grammar generous donation

Click here to start your good cause page and start raising funds on Rewardhub today

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