Finding Affiliate Programs In Your Industry

There was a simple but often overlooked question in our Affiliate Forum over the last week that I thought deserved a post to help others out with their searching as well.

Hopefully the forum poster doesn’t mind me answering the question regarding Affiliate Merchants here;

I just joined the affiliate program forum a couple of days ago and I am completely new to this whole business. I am very interested and would be very grateful for any help regarding this concept. I am in the process of developing a web site related to the Travel sector in NZ. (Accomodation, Tours, Attractions, Rentals etc.).
Please forgive my ignorance in all this (as evident in the next couple of questions), but there is a saying in Spanish which translates to : “It is better to be really red with embarrassment only once than to be bright pink a hundred times”.

I know which merchants I would like to have an affiliate relationship with, (their seriousness, reliability, reputation, solid business practice etc.) but when I go to their web page I don’t find any link to affiliate programs. Does this automatically mean that they don’t have one? Or there is one but it’s not advertised and one must contact them personally? If I want to include a link on my site about “campervan rentals” I can understand if “Joe’s Rent-a Dent Camper Hire” doesn’t have an affiliate program but the major players?

Is there a site which gives me a list of affiliate programs in my particular field? Have contacted NZ Tourism but no joy there so far. As I mentioned before, very grateful for any sort of assistance.

Most websites or businesses that have an affiliate program will have an “Affiliate Program” link somewhere on their homepage. As it sounds like you’ve done, that’s the first place to look.

If they don’t have that link but you’re sure they a program, your next option is to do a search on the affiliate programs that have joined a few of the different networks that provide for the NZ affiliate market.

The obvious examples are, and You could also have a look at the US networks like which often have the larger international brands and may allow promotion to the New Zealand market. There are other networks that are limited regarding which affiliates can join as well e.g.

Last option is to send the branded website you’re looking to promote an email through their standard contact form although this can have varying responses. Where you can, try and email a marketing contact at the branded site as often a general support team will not know what an affiliate program is…

Good luck finding the affiliate program you’re looking for!

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