FED affiliate program

While the New Zealand meal kit delivery market is booming with lots of options for Kiwi shoppers, lets face it, they can be a lot of work for busy people. There are not so many options for the time poor. FED. are solving this problem for busy Kiwi’s with their team of chefs preparing dinner for you, and having it delivered to your door, ready to eat.

This is a fresh New Zealand brand that has lots of tail winds behind it. Firstly the movement towards convenience, people want products that save time and make life easier are . This is where FED. is a standout in the meal delivery market with their ready to eat dinners.

Another big trend is the growth of the LOHAS consumer in New Zealand, also known as lifestyles of health and sustainability. These are shoppers that care about their health and our environment. FED. meals are made with in line with the philosophy that there’s no need to put anything nasty into meals, and they’re also delivered in compostable packaging.

The ready made meal category is huge overseas but really just getting started in New Zealand, so its a great time to be promoting a brand like FED. to your audience. Its easy to book online with flexible options, including special kids meals, another small but valuable point of difference.

FED. meals are available on the Rewardhub fundraising platform for anyone looking for school, club and charity fundraising ideas, and other than that are open to all approved affiliates on the Linkshop network.

FED affiliate program details

CategoryFood & Drink
LaunchedSeptember 2019
NetworkLinkshop | Apply here
RestrictionsOpen to all approved affiliates
CommissionFixed dollar amount per order

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