Duplicate Affiliate Programs

A practice which I find particularly annoying in the New Zealand affiliate market which I believe is due to the small size of the market itself is when a website joins more than one affiliate network and also has an affiliate program on its own site as well.

Affiliates don’t need choice when they are on a website and select the link to sign up for the program to promote the site. Choice in this scenario just creates confusion, specifically if the affiliate is not already part of one of the networks that the site is offering.

The example of this I found this week has a site showing the options to sign up to it’s own program, the Commission Monster Network or the ClixGalore Network when you click on the “Affiliate Program” link on their site.

My first question on coming to this page is which program gives me the highest commission? Affiliates are invariably motivated by higher commissions so if you’re an affiliate program and expect to have affiliates sign up through a page like this then you’re going to have to spell out the pros and cons of each program. A flat choice just doesn’t work.

The program in question has the following quote on the page;

All programs provide outstanding affiliate tracking resources that will help you make fantastic profits from the range of products. Each program automatically calculates and tracks your commission and arranges direct payment to you. You can check the commissions you’ve earned 24 hours/7 days a week, simply by logging on to the relevant management interface.

In the end I couldn’t see what the pricing differences were and didn’t have the time to compare terms and conditions on each network so left the site without joining!

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