DoubleClick purchase

It’s reasonably hard to have missed the news over the last week that Google has agreed to buy DoubleClick for USD3.1 billion (NZD 4.1 billion).

The question is now what does this do to the global advertising industry and more importantly (for here anyway), how is this going to affect affiliates through-out the world and New Zealand?

Google has been experimenting with graphical and now video adverts on its content advertising network through Adsense for some time. Reports from advertisers that I have seen have been mixed compared to the main textual search based results from Adsense.

Now Google have bought one of the largest advertising networks worldwide, who happen to have a speciality of working with graphical, media rich content across many different networks. One of the issues here has been that DoubleClick are focused on very large portal sites. The small affiliate based publishers in the advertising market online have not been a focus for them.

We can hope that one of the affects of this purchase will be the ability for smaller affiliate style advertisers to be allowed access through Adsense to this wider media-rich network of adverts.

With the resources of Google and the usual rate of integration they work on hopefully smaller portals will start to see the benefits of this by the end of 2007.

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