Dealing with rotating banner campaigns

It’s an on-going mission for an affiliate to deal with time dependent banner campaigns on their website.

Usually, if you have an affiliate program that’s doing the job right for you there will be an option for a specific rotating banner campaign that will switch between the time dependent campaign and a default advertising campaign for the product or website you’re promoting.

There are plenty of situations where this is not particularly well implemented and often it’s forgotten about or put in the too-hard basket (by both the affiliate and the program). It can be particularly difficult to implement text based campaigns like this. I can’t think of many sites that offer this.

As an affiliate, if you’re using rotating banner campaigns, the key thing to be aware of is what banners are going to be displayed in the campaign. You’re the one your viewers are going to turn on if something in-appropriate turns up, not the program who put the banner in there. Usually this isn’t a large problem but I have seen it as an issue design wise where a refreshed rotating banner campaign just looked plain bad on a particular site design.

In a recent affiliate newsletter sent out by Commission Monster, they appear to have spent some time on the issue and after listening to feedback they have come up with this;

Commission Monster is pleased to announce that as a result of consultation with Affiliates, we have implemented a new banner display solution for all inactive banners or campaigns. When a campaign becomes inactive, any remaining banners on Affiliate sites will become invisible. The website’s natural background will appear. Consumers that click through the invisible banner will be redirected to a Commission Monster page advising the promotion has finished, and providing alternative campaigns to click on.

Seems like a good implementation to me, good on you Commission Monster.

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