ClixGalore and the NZ market

I had a good chat with the General Manager of late last week. Nice guy, quite passionate about his company.

They have built proprietary software and have an impressive list of features on the software they have designed. The complete inclusion of impression stats, clicks and the ‘google like’ use of EPC (earning per click) reports gives a nice indication of the performance of sites you’re promoting on their network.

I would have to say that the usability of their system leaves a little to be desired although this is purely from a design stand-point. Priorities have obviously been in the right direction for this company in building what affiliates want in the reporting and functionality first.

Something he mentioned which I was quite pleased to hear was that ClixGalore use their affiliates as their decision base for developing new functionality into the software. If affiliates ask for it, they get it.

They are also opening up a New Zealand team soon. At the moment, while they have a fair few NZ affiliate sites on their system they do not have anyone on the ground in NZ but apparently that will change within a few months.

Keep an eye on them as if they start to bring on some of the bigger affiliate brands in the New Zealand market like they have in the Australian affiliate market then they will be quite a force.

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