Busy season online in NZ ..

I’ve been a little light in posting and chatting in the forum around here for the last month and that’s mainly because of this time of the year being the busy season online in NZ.

While retailers have increased levels of shoppers at their doors over the Christmas and Holiday Season, web traffic is just as cyclical across the year just at different points.

Generally it’s the cold winter months, where people are locked away in their living rooms with the TV blaring away in the background (with the Olympics on at the moment of course) that are the peak periods for many online sites in NZ.

The Summer holiday season is when the average reader is out and about at BBQ’s, the beach or shopping down at the local mall.

With this in mind it’s good to prepare for the busy season you’re going to have by making sure your website’s already been through a development cycle as you come into the winter months. This way, while you’re dealing with the traffic increase you’re not also trying to re-launch your design!

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