Blogger offer Adsense per post

Adsense Insider, the Google Adsense Group keeping advertiser up to date with developments has announced that it’s now possible to use a widget inside Blogger to add Adsense following each and every post within a blog;

We’ve heard your feedback about wanting to insert Google ads between your blog posts, and we’re happy to let you know that Blogger now supports this implementation through the AdSense widget.

This would appear to me to be breaking the Adsense terms which limit the number of instances of different formats of Adsense on any one page. If there are many posts on a page I would assume this would mean many copies of the Adsense advert thereby breaking their own conditions?

I have not yet seen the implementation of this so will check it out soon and follow-up to see if this is in fact what Adsense have done.

If it is, it seems like yet another step by Google to giving preferential treatment to people using Google’s own products to the point of breaking terms and conditions.

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