Into 2008; Adsense affiliate program removed

There’s been a bit of a hiatus on posting at the moment due to a new addition to the family of a bouncing little baby girl so affiliate market updates will be a little light for the next few weeks but hold in there as some new developments are in the wind for 🙂 […]

Question and Response on the NZ vs US affiliate market

I received an interesting (if broad) question today by email and thought it was worth putting the details up; Question: Hi, Found your great site and got your contact details. I’m new to the affiliate mktg game but motivated and keen to get moving. However being based in NZ was hoping to start in the […]

Google takes on the affiliate market with Referrals 2.0

The New Zealand affiliate market just became a whole lot more interesting. Google have now fully launched their “Referrals 2.0” through Google Adsense. For some time now Google have offered referral fees for promoting their own internal products; Adsense itself, Google Toolbar + Firefox and others. Now they have rolled this Referrals 2.0 product (another […]

What kind of affiliates do New Zealand merchants want?

I’m happy to introduce the first in a series of four articles on affiliate marketing in New Zealand from a merchant perspective by Antony Ellis, Affiliate Manager for NZ Fine Prints, New Zealand’s largest retailer of art prints and posters; The next articles in the series will be; Where to find New Zealand affiliates […]

New Zealand Online Research for Affiliates

One of the difficult things when working in the New Zealand online market is finding just the right place to research the habits of New Zealanders on the web. Many of the tools which you might use for a global campaign are not as relevant to the New Zealand web. A good example here is […]

Search Engine Boot Camp and Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM)

The search engine market in New Zealand is finally starting to heat up a little… I attended the Search Engine Boot Camp in Auckland, New Zealand last week and was impressed with the level of understanding on online search issues at the conference. While the seminars were pitched at a mixture of SEO and SEM […]

Further discussion on duplicate affiliate programs…

I was emailed recently regarding my previous post on my annoyance surrounding offering duplicate affiliate programs on a sign-on page and thought it would be worth further publishing my response here. Here are the details from the email. Hopefully the person concerned does not mind the post going public as I believe this type of […]