Pharmacy Direct Affiliate Program Review

Tried another friend this time to write a guest review about Pharmacy Direct. Here’s what he came up with: Pharmacy Direct Company, NZ, is an online New Zealand e-business. Since 1997, it has been delivery quality products to customers all over the world from its New Zealand depot in Northcote, Auckland. Pharmacy Direct is an […]

Finding Affiliate Programs In Your Industry

There was a simple but often overlooked question in our Affiliate Forum over the last week that I thought deserved a post to help others out with their searching as well. Hopefully the forum poster doesn’t mind me answering the question regarding Affiliate Merchants here; I just joined the affiliate program forum a couple of […]

Finding the right affiliate program for your site…

One of the great things about working online from New Zealand is that we’re already in a local community that’s small and isolated enough from the rest of the world that we’re usually happy to help each other out. Kotitihaere, a poster in our forums, has come up with some brilliant feedback to both affiliates […]

The community grows … slowly.. :)

Thanks to everyone for their support as we’re building a community forum here at So far we’ve had some interesting posts from people looking for for the best affiliate networks, reviews on NZ programs that have worked well for some local affiliates and program managers looking for feedback on launching their new program. It’ll […]

“Lifetime Revenue” from an affiliate program

As businesses progress through their usual cycle, many end up going under or need to change their business model and invariably the affiliate is the one left in the lurch when the contract terms they agreed to at the start of the relationship with the program turn into something completely different. I was talking to […]

Update on the Adsense Affiliate Program

Google have already back-tracked a bit on the removal of the Adsense Affiliate Program. It looks like they only removed it for certain areas and just assumed that if an affiliate was in a certain location then they were only referring users from that location. Now that’s a pretty basic mistake for any affiliate program […]