Affiliate Coaching in New Zealand

This morning I was asked if there is any direct affiliate coaching in New Zealand available to help someone who is interested in getting into affiliate marketing as a supplementary income. It’s a good question so I thought I’d post the Q & A here; Good morning Gary, I live in Whangaparaoa and I am […]

Finding Affiliate Programs In Your Industry

There was a simple but often overlooked question in our Affiliate Forum over the last week that I thought deserved a post to help others out with their searching as well. Hopefully the forum poster doesn’t mind me answering the question regarding Affiliate Merchants here; I just joined the affiliate program forum a couple of […]

Will Google Wave change anything?

I watched the¬†Google Wave presentation recently and aside from getting a few laughs from the speakers crashing the sandbox version of the new open source Google Wave project it really does look like it has the potential to change online messaging or more specifcally change the online collaborative documentation offering. The discussion elements available as […]

Short URL services for affiliate marketing

If you’ve ever used Twitter or if you’re really into short URL’s you will be likely to have come across the URL shortening services that are available from a few different companies. The idea behind the service provided is to solve the problem of the ever increasing length and complexity of URL’s. Many sites will […]

Guest Article: Hiding ugly affiliate links using redirects

Prompted from a discussion in the forums about working with bad URL’s from certain affiliate programs we have a guest article from Harvey Kane a local SEO Consultant; Hiding ugly Affiliate links using redirects At some point in your affiliate career, you will invariably come across affiliate links that look a little bit too much […]

Designing a website for affiliate marketing

If you’re an affiliate and have a bright idea for what you’d like to build an affiliate website about (and potentially a domain you like) you’re ahead of the curve already. Next you’re going to ask yourself, what should my website look like? If you’re a designer by trade, you’re going to spend hours pondering […]

Choosing the right domain name for your website

If you’re looking at starting a website from scratch and already have an idea of the community you’re going to be targeting the website at then you’re in a wonderful position of being able to find a domain name that suits before you launch your website.There are a few different schools of thought on what […]

Guest Article: Learn Affiliate Marketing 101

After discussing affiliate marketing and the difficulties people have with finding basic information on the internet recently with another affiliate marketer he decided to write a piece specifically for that might help new affiliates with find answers to the basic questions; Learn Affiliate Marketing 101 Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money […]