Affiliate software and a new program

If you’re specifically looking for affiliate software which you can plug into your New Zealand based site one option is the iDevAffiliate software package. While I do not have direct experience with this package, it is implemented as the Find It Online Affiliate Program which I have just signed up for and have to say […]

Search marketing affiliate program

Found an interesting search marketing affiliate program based from New Zealand today; Apex Internet. I’ve come across Apex before in search marketing from New Zealand but did not know they have an affiliate program. Apex use a revenue share model at 10% and are pitching themselves at web designers who do not have the time […]

Program List for New Zealand Affiliates

Here is a New Zealand affiliate program list which has been compiled recently of all the affiliate programs which could be found relating directly to the New Zealand affiliate market. Updates will be continual on the list as and when new programs are found. If you have any you’d like to add to the list […]

Multi-tiered affiliate programs or sub-affiliates

There are many people in the affiliate industry that consider multi-tier affiliate programs to be a negative thing for the affiliate community. The negative association appears (from what I have seen) to be linked with issues regard pyramid scheme style programs. This can often lead to affiliate programs who have no relationship to these types […]

Affiliate payment structures or compensation models

There are many affiliate payment structures with multiple abbreviations for each; Revenue Sharing; this is the most common payment structure in the affiliate market. Most New Zealand affiliate programs also use this structure. Here the affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue which is generated from traffic they have sent to the website. The levels […]

Affiliate Program – Google Adsense, New Zealand

Most affiliates will already be aware of Google Adsense where a webmaster can setup advertising of keywords selected and bid for by advertisers attached to that network. In New Zealand this is probably one of the best forms of advertising available for your site as you can target the adverts directly to New Zealand based […]