Restaurant Hub affiliate program

The dining out scene in New Zealand continues to explode with a diverse selection of incredible restaurants to choose from. Still, getting a table at the best restaurants in Auckland, Wellington or any other New Zealand city or town is not always easy, especially at peak times. This is perhaps why Restaurant Hub continues to […]

Misa Christmas Trees affiliate program

Christmas, a very hectic time of the year for most of us. There is the office Christmas party, buying gifts, lots of food to prepare and planning family gatherings. Its no wonder then that the convenient option of ordering Christmas tree delivery and removal online is growing in popularity. Misa Christmas Trees is Auckland’s only […]

Slingshot affiliate program

Slingshot is one of New Zealand’s leading internet service providers, winning the People’s Choice awards two years in a row at the Broadband compare awards. With simple pricing, great service and high quality infrastructure for reliable broadband, Slingshot are a popular Kiwi brand. Slingshot joined the Linkshop affiliate network as they are the exclusive broadband […]

Can you set up affiliate codes as an affiliate?

I’ve just been emailed with a request from an interesting perspective and thought it was worth sharing the response. Hi there, here’s my question. I am a blog/site that recommends products for my readers to purchase. Everything I have read about affiliate programs is written for the “retailers website”. I wish to know if an […]

What are affiliates looking for?

Recently I came across an article reporting on a survey of affiliates completed in late 2008. The main purpose of the survey was to find out what the most important things an affiliate was looking at when joining an affiliate program. They came in the following order; Commission amount Product being sold Brand Tracking platform Terms […]

Finding the right affiliate program for your site…

One of the great things about working online from New Zealand is that we’re already in a local community that’s small and isolated enough from the rest of the world that we’re usually happy to help each other out. Kotitihaere, a poster in our forums, has come up with some brilliant feedback to both affiliates […]