Affiliate payment systems using pre-paid credit cards

Recently I came across an international affiliate network that is working with a pre-paid MasterCard company offering their affiliates a pre-paid credit card that can be used around the world for payments. This appears to work exceptionally well from the feedback I’ve seen on it. It is an on-going challenge for affiliate companies to find […]

Using the Google Referrals system – validation period

Recently Google announced on the Adense Blog that they are implementing a “validation period” on the referrals system for non-Google products. The Google Referral System lets you (through Adsense) connect directly to advertisers with a revenue share, CPA or hybrid (CPA + revenue share) commission agreement. The idea of implementing a validation period is that […]

Google takes on the affiliate market with Referrals 2.0

The New Zealand affiliate market just became a whole lot more interesting. Google have now fully launched their “Referrals 2.0” through Google Adsense. For some time now Google have offered referral fees for promoting their own internal products; Adsense itself, Google Toolbar + Firefox and others. Now they have rolled this Referrals 2.0 product (another […]

New Affiliate Network from Google?

Google have just launched a Beta within Google Adsense which looks to be a version of an Affiliate CPA network. Called “Google Referrals” the Beta allows publishers to pick out of hundreds of advertisers therefore specifically increasing the relevance of the Google adverts while setting a defined action for the payment. Sound like an affiliate […]

Advantages to using an affiliate network

Something which does not appear to have caught on yet in New Zealand, probably because of the lack of market size, is the idea of larger affiliate networks with multiple affiliated products available for advertising. All of the affiliate programs I have seen around specifically run by New Zealand sites also seem to be running […]