Affiliate Programs that pass SEO weight

I’ve had some spare time while out of the office and have been reading a couple of interesting posts on work people have completed surrounding building affiliate programs that pass SEO weight. As you’ll most likely know, affiliate programs are all about gaining advertisements (or links) from other websites through to your own to promote […]

Affiliate Newsletters

The most regular means of communication between affiliate managers and the wider group of affiliates in their program is generally going to be the affiliate newsletter, otherwise known as CRM (customer relationship management) if you’re the affiliate manager. The affiliate newsletter is commonly under-utilised when, done well, it can be one of the better means […]

What are affiliates looking for?

Recently I came across an article reporting on a survey of affiliates completed in late 2008. The main purpose of the survey was to find out what the most important things an affiliate was looking at when joining an affiliate program. They came in the following order; Commission amount Product being sold Brand Tracking platform Terms […]

Affiliate payment systems using pre-paid credit cards

Recently I came across an international affiliate network that is working with a pre-paid MasterCard company offering their affiliates a pre-paid credit card that can be used around the world for payments. This appears to work exceptionally well from the feedback I’ve seen on it. It is an on-going challenge for affiliate companies to find […]

Finding the right affiliate program for your site…

One of the great things about working online from New Zealand is that we’re already in a local community that’s small and isolated enough from the rest of the world that we’re usually happy to help each other out. Kotitihaere, a poster in our forums, has come up with some brilliant feedback to both affiliates […]

Dealing with rotating banner campaigns

It’s an on-going mission for an affiliate to deal with time dependent banner campaigns on their website. Usually, if you have an affiliate program that’s doing the job right for you there will be an option for a specific rotating banner campaign that will switch between the time dependent campaign and a default advertising campaign […]

“Lifetime Revenue” from an affiliate program

As businesses progress through their usual cycle, many end up going under or need to change their business model and invariably the affiliate is the one left in the lurch when the contract terms they agreed to at the start of the relationship with the program turn into something completely different. I was talking to […]

Update on the Adsense Affiliate Program

Google have already back-tracked a bit on the removal of the Adsense Affiliate Program. It looks like they only removed it for certain areas and just assumed that if an affiliate was in a certain location then they were only referring users from that location. Now that’s a pretty basic mistake for any affiliate program […]