Finding Affiliate Programs In Your Industry

There was a simple but often overlooked question in our Affiliate Forum over the last week that I thought deserved a post to help others out with their searching as well. Hopefully the forum poster doesn’t mind me answering the question regarding Affiliate Merchants here; I just joined the affiliate program forum a couple of […]

The community grows … slowly.. :)

Thanks to everyone for their support as we’re building a community forum here at So far we’ve had some interesting posts from people looking for for the best affiliate networks, reviews on NZ programs that have worked well for some local affiliates and program managers looking for feedback on launching their new program. It’ll […]

New Zealand Affiliate Programs Forum launches has been live and kicking for well over a year now and I’ve had enough feedback and questions that it’s time to setup the New Zealand Affiliate Programs Forum where people can ask questions and discuss their own experiences about affiliate programs and other internet marketing thoughts with a true New Zealand focus. The […]

One year on … Affiliate Forums next?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂 has now been running for one full year and I have to say that the responses have been quite positive. On a semi-regularly basis, I receive emails with further questions about affiliate marketing as well as thanks for the content on the site. This has prompted looking into […]