Affiliate payment systems using pre-paid credit cards

Recently I came across an international affiliate network that is working with a pre-paid MasterCard company offering their affiliates a pre-paid credit card that can be used around the world for payments.

This appears to work exceptionally well from the feedback I’ve seen on it.

It is an on-going challenge for affiliate companies to find just the right way to pay affiliates. In New Zealand at least, it’s quite common for direct online bank-to-bank transfers to take place and it’s usually considered to be ok to pass your bank account details to a trusted affiliate company.

The idea of a pre-paid credit card that is sent directly to an affiliate on their first payment (especially for an affiliate network) is brilliant. It circumvents all the transfer issues a company would usually have, including extra costs associated with online payment wallet systems like PayPal, Neteller and the like and it allows the network to have the funds available immediately for the affiliate.

Hopefully we’ll see this implemented in a few more of the affiliate programs and networks both internationally and within New Zealand as the technology becomes easier to integrate with online administration systems.

One thought on “Affiliate payment systems using pre-paid credit cards

  1. That’sactually a really great idea and keeps one’s banking details secure – I suppose that it still doesn’t stop re-charges to the card, but it does at least insulate your bank details.

    I don’t like giving out bank details – nothing to stop direct unauthorised deductions, leaving a mess to sort out.

    I don’t like PayPal – I had $1500 disappear from my feeder bank account for a fraudulent purchase

    And finally I don’t like checks – they take longer to reach me and longer to present and have funds available.

    Having a card which the merchant network can add funds to sounds like a neat solution … only question is … what if you actually want the cash? Can you still withdraw it?

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