Affiliate marketing through seasonal keywords

Building seasonal specific sections of your website is already an age-old tradition in affiliate marketing but it’s still a basic that some people just don’t get around to. Aside from the obvious season terms that every other affiliate marketer is getting articles and blog posts written about (e.g. Christmas and Valentines Day marketing terms), why not look into what else is going on seasonally that you could be gaining traffic for?

Recently I was discussing an affiliate site which is based around promoting online games and the owner of the site has a few different smaller sites which are wholly targeted on the world champs for those online games that happen only once a year. For a period of around a month there is a massive jump in traffic to that site and then it just sits, with only the odd small additional content added over the rest of the year.

When this is done in combination with a few different sites which are using different affiliate marketing terms that are searched heavily on for just a couple of weeks or a month in the year then you can end up with a good amount of seasonal traffic to help boost your standard levels through-out the year.

What do your viewers love to get involved in? Is it the yearly Young Farmers Awards or is it the New Zealand Tennis Open? I’m sure keyword traffic to these takes significant spikes over the period that they’re running in.

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