Affiliate Marketing and Search in New Zealand – Search Engine Room

I had the pleasure of attending and was a speaker at (although not for the Search Engine Room conference yesterday and have to say that I was impressed.

The level of expectation from search industry professionals that the search market in New Zealand is ready for double digit growth over each quarter in the next year is a positive step forward for the New Zealand market.

Search advertising is over 40% of online advertising spend elsewhere in the world however in New Zealand it is still under 30%. Online advertising spend as a percentage of marketing budgets in New Zealand is still well under the worldwide norm with New Zealand online spend at around 7% and the rest of the world between 13-15%.

Will affiliate marketing increases impact on this? It surely will.

Many affiliates spend time bringing viewers to their site through search engine advertising. In New Zealand this has always meant Google Adsense however now with the updated Yahoo! Search Marketing tools available it will need to include YSM as well.

As more affiliate programs are created and more affiliates come online looking for ways to source targeted traffic then search advertising spend in New Zealand will only inrease.

As discussed in a previous post, affiliates need to steer clear of search advertising for branded keywords as many programs expressely forbid this in their terms and conditions however search advertising for long-tail keywords in the New Zealand market are still relatively light in competition for the top positions. While this is true at the moment, it is not likely to stay that way for long, as more marketing managers from companies around New Zealand begin to jump on the band-wagon of search advertising.

With companies in attendance like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! as well as innovative New Zealand companies like Eurekster and SLI-Systems. It was great to see the first search conference become a successful and interesting event.

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