Affiliate emails: Get the basics right

I would have thought an affiliate network would understand the absolute importance of the privacy of their affiliates email addresses however I just received an email which included 100 email address of their publishers in the “To” field.


It was a promotional email promoting one of the affiliate programs on their network who is running a special campaign for a limited amount of time. The email was reasonably well written and quite compelling as an affiliate. I was thinking about promoting the product for the time of the special offer.

Then I noticed that 100 other affiliate email addresses were in the “To” field. This breaks the fundamental policy of working with any database of customers (or affiliates) that their privacy is paramount. A customer trusts you with their personal details which must be respected with utmost care.

Getting the basics right in emailing affiliates (and your sites newsletter database) is very important. The reputation of your brand is depending on it.

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