Affiliate Coaching in New Zealand

This morning I was asked if there is any direct affiliate coaching in New Zealand available to help someone who is interested in getting into affiliate marketing as a supplementary income.

It’s a good question so I thought I’d post the Q & A here;

Good morning Gary,

I live in Whangaparaoa and I am interested in learning about Affiliate marketing as a means to earn a supplementary income.

Are there people you know of close to me who are into Coaching people like me?



Stanmore Bay

Here’s my response;


I’m afraid there is very little in the way of direct coaching for affiliate marketing in New Zealand.

The best I can suggest is online research and getting involved in forum communities to ask as many questions and read as many answers as you can.

One thing to note is that there isn’t any need to buy any services (e.g. e-books) related to affiliate marketing strategies / tools.

In my opinion you can find anything you need to know that will be in those books elsewhere online on an affiliate resource site or by chatting in forums.

Good luck with it.



5 thoughts on “Affiliate Coaching in New Zealand

  1. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that no matter where you are, if you have internet access you already have access to all the tools and info you need. A few google searches will allow you to book mark several forums, blogs etc, enough to get anyone started. Also, signing up to an affiliate network with a decent community is a great idea.

  2. Hi I have been studying affiliate marketing now for about 8 months and have experienced a lot of horrible coaching programs and attended a lot of hyped up american sales sessions.
    I finally met a local guy (self made millionaire)that has a fantastic coaching program that I can honesty vouch for.
    There are just so many rip off individuals out there that finding a local team of motivated people is fantastic. I actually met and spoke with Mark Ling and he even invited me down to Christchurch to see his international operation, what a blast.
    So I would suggest checking his programs out!

    As an affiliate you will know and appreciate that the link I have placed here is my affiliate link to his business.
    It would be great if you would use it and support a fellow affilaite marketer – the information he provides is truly simple to use and easy to understand.
    Good luck… heres my link.


    Feel free to email me anytime

  3. Dear Gary

    Although there are significant resources on the web about affiliate marketing, it is very challenging choosing the correct training program as many in the industry are solely motivated by commissions and may not be objective in providing training to beginners.


    We provide one-on-one skype training for Internet marketers and would be pleased to offer such a service to those interested in launching a career in affiliate marketing.

    If you care to refer us we will be grateful.

    S Evangelou, MEntr
    CEO, @usable_brand

  4. I am not surprised that NZ offers little in the way of Internet Marketing. It is shameful literary because of the potential for affiliate marketers alongside advertisers to support our economy. If the standard of Affiliate Marketing was peer monitored it can go along way to be successful.

    I am a newbie and I have been guided by our Australian counterparts and this experience of online tutorial as well as forums learning from the best with webinars etc has been great.

    I would like to see more and more opportunities like this here in NZ and give confidence to advertisers that there is a great deal of interest in IM.
    maketu news and views

  5. I have been playing around in this field for sometime now with very limited success – meaning earning of about $100USD a month.

    The difficulty I have found is as many others not only in NZ find, actually getting quality coaching. They normally point you to their affilaite program and offer the world and deliver on very little.

    Understand one has to be comitted and focused but the lack of face to face, affordable training is appalling. If they do have such a program it is normally proced well outside the reach of someone just starting.

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