Advanced Google Operators

Google Search has many advanced operators, which are allow words with special functions available when using their search.

This is a little off topic but very useful as a reference to the advance operators on Google. I’ll be using this myself as it’s good to have a visual reference somewhere.

Here is a list of the Google advanced operator examples;

  • new zealand OR australia affiliate programs (see here)
  • new zealand +and australia affiliate programs (see here)
  • new zealand affiliate programs –adult (see here)
  • “new zealand affiliate programs” also new-zealand-affiliate-programs (see here)
  • (see here)
  • travel (see here)
  • (see here)
  • travel (see here)
  • (see here)
  • allintitle: affiliate programs new zealand (see here)
  • intitle:affiliateprograms travel new zealand (see here)
  • allinurl: affiliate programs (see here)
  • inurl:affiliate travel new zealand (see here)
  • affiliate agreement filetype:pdf (see here)

If there are any questions about these you can find out more information here.

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